West Queens Volunteer Ambulance Association, Inc.

West Queens Volunteer Ambulance Association, Inc.

Established in 1990


Dr. Jeffrey Horwitz, DO

The West Queens Association has a Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Committee (QA/QI Committee) which provides full compliance with New York State Public Health Law Article 30, Section 3006.

The committee meets once every quarter to perform call review of pre-hospital care reports of the member squads, review items of concern and discusses issues that are relevant to the provision and documentation of pre-hospital medical care as they relate to the operation of an ambulance service.

PCR Document

Chaired by Dr. Jeffrey Horwitz, DO, the committee reviews call statistics of the member squads as well as redacted PCR reports to discuss and correct deficiencies and possible liabilities for the member squads. The committee reviews credentials and member compliance with applicable requirements.

By combining the resources of all the West Queens member squads, full compliance with Article 30 is afforded and all participants get the benefit of the experience of all the member squads.

Attendance is open to all member organizations and light refreshments are served at all quarterly meetings.